Thursday, December 20, 2007


Swedish Techno about Warcraft III. Does life get any sweeter?

This guy's two years older than me and already he has a #1 hit in Europe. And the song's damned catchy too, it's hard to find another annoying song to get stuck in your head so you aren't humming the lyrics all day (I'd sing them but I don't know Swedish).


Anonymous said...

Guess what? I can sing parts of this song. ^_^ I found the lyrics, played the video over and over...and, though I'm sure my pronunciation isn't quite right, it feels awesome to sing in a foreign language that isn't German...:D

Anonymous said...

Dude i know exactly what you mean! i love dota all though i was a little disspointed when i found out what it was talking about. but i just searched for hours and found the lyrics but i know i'm not pronouncing it right! if you found out where to get the pronunciation you should leave another message and tell me where :)

Alex Selus said...

The only way i think you're going to get the pronunciation is by going through a swedish dictionary word for every word.

Try here:

hope it helps :D