Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pants? We don't need no stinkin' pants!

Fly nude on the nudist holiday. For $735 you can fly from Erfurt to the popular Baltic Sea resort of Usedom (yah i dont know of them either) in the nude.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Future robots!

Shape shifting robots...only this time it could be possible. Check it out

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday/Tuesday WTF

Someone's going to hell. I mean really, if you can afford the car, you can afford to pay for the damage.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Can you say Pwned?

This article pretty much sums it up. But really, it sounds like the book gamers thrashed was a POS anyway. I'm pretty happy that gamers are starting to fight back. We keep getting flamed for all this stuff that's just not our fault, and with organizations like Childs Play, which raised over $1 Million for sick kids, the good far out weighs the bad.

Really, I'm just tired of the ignorance theses days. In that article, Ms. Lawrence says
"Before the show I had asked somebody about what they had heard, and they had said it’s like pornography"

WHAT?! You trash a form of media with out even looking at it first?! I know people degrade video games because it doesn't seem like a viable form of media, but as time goes on, video games become better and better, the stories grow and deepen, the graphics become more realistic, and every year sees more innovative games. By not even looking at the game it's like giving a movie a horrible rating with out seeing it, or trashing a book with out reading it...kinda like what the gamers did to her now isn't it?

Moral of this story...don't fuck with gamers.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.
- Anonymous

I hope other people see the Irony in that.

I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

We get a WTF with a crazy teenager, a funny "Do's and Don'ts with Babies". Even Gay Zombie Porn.

It's one of those days.

P.S. Anyone get the reference?

Greenpeace vs. Harpooning ships

Hahaha, oh man, i couldn't stop laughing when I saw this

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lying Out His Ass

So, push was lying out his ass about Iraq before the war, and during the war. 935 false statements. That's pretty big, like lying once a day for two and a half years. Keep in mind this is just on Iraq, no telling what else he lied about.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Word to Husbands

A Word to Husbands

To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
Whenever you’re right, shut up.

- Ogden Nash

I Love Modern Art.

I really want to try this. Mixed Media artist Mark Khaisman takes see-through brown tape and creates images like these.

So cool.

I want to be a projection!

Me: I know good web comics

Friend of mine: Apparently. You know a lot of stuff. I think you don't really exist outside of the internet; it's just a projection of some sort.


Friend of mine: ...>< Hahaha

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

I'm not going to write much about this, except that he was one of my favorite actors, and a very talented one at that.

Back to school WTF.

WTF indeed. These kids were stupid. I mean, if you're gonna kill someone, and cut up the body into so many pieces it's unrecognizable...why the hell would you film it?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Best of Digg

These pictures are really cool.

Quotes for the night.

This is what happens when I cant sleep.

Art is science made clear.
- Jean Cocteau

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
- Leo Tolstoy

Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.
- Ronald Reagan

The thing that impresses me the most about America is the way parents obey their children.
- King Edward VIII (1894 - 1972)

The trouble with normal is it always gets worse.
- Bruce Cockburn

The computer is a moron.
- Peter Drucker

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Cloverfield Hit

Ok, I promise this is one of the last blog entries on Cloverfield, it's been done to death, but I'm going to try to sum up everything here and now.

I don't know how much money it will make, but I know that it was a hard PG-13 movie and was meant to be a hard R.

“The original draft was much more brutal. I wanted a hard R and we didn’t get a hard R, they read it and said this is way to brutal. I will say that I think we pushed the limits on a PG-13 rating we certainly shot a harder version than what is on the screen, we originally wanted it to be more bloody and disgusting.”
- Drew Goddard, Writer of Cloverfield

That image is a new one up at the original 1-18-08 site. (leave the page up in the background for a surprise)

And last but not least Cloverfield is one of the most searched for terms today! It's got 30 for "Cloverfield", and 34 total if you count "Clover field", "1-18-08", "Slusho", and "Tagruato". (Slusho and Tagruato are both parts of the viral ad campaign to Cloverfield. If you didn't know about it or want to see it all from the start, go here.)

So, if there IS a sequel I will be sure to let you know!

NEW! Box Office info: $41 million. Now that's not even close to any of the Summer Block Busters, but keep in mind that Cloverfield cost 20-30 Million to make (depending on who you talk to), they made their money back already...which is why Cloverfield is more successful than Spidey.

Lets compare really quick.

Spiderman Production cost ~$500 Million. Opening Weekend $150 Million.
Cloverfield Production cost ~$30 Million. Opening weekend $41 Million.

I don't need to say anything else.

Friday, January 18, 2008



One of the best movies I've seen in a while. I'm not going to say much, just that the monster is awesome, the camera is a bit shaky for me (it's filmed blair witch style), and I wanted so much more...but in the good "Oh man what happens next" way not the "GAH you should have done this" way.

Go out and see it. I plan on seeing it again.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Poetry Hand Book

The New Poetry Handbook

1 If a man understands a poem,
he shall have troubles.

2 If a man lives with a poem,
he shall die lonely.

3 If a man lives with two poems,
he shall be unfaithful to one.

4 If a man conceives of a poem,
he shall have one less child.

5 If a man conceives of two poems,
he shall have two children less.

6 If a man wears a crown on his head as he writes,
he shall be found out.

7 If a man wears no crown on his head as he writes,
he shall deceive no one but himself.

8 If a man gets angry at a poem,
he shall be scorned by men.

9 If a man continues to be angry at a poem,
he shall be scorned by women.

10 If a man publicly denounces poetry,
his shoes will fill with urine.

11 If a man gives up poetry for power,
he shall have lots of power.

12 If a man brags about his poems,
he shall be loved by fools.

13 If a man brags about his poems and loves fools,
he shall write no more.

14 If a man craves attention because of his poems,
he shall be like a jackass in moonlight.

15 If a man writes a poem and praises the poem of a fellow,
he shall have a beautiful mistress.

16 If a man writes a poem and praises the poem of a fellow overly,
he shall drive his mistress away.

17 If a man claims the poem of another,
his heart shall double in size.

18 If a man lets his poems go naked,
he shall fear death.

19 If a man fears death,
he shall be saved by his poems.

20 If a man does not fear death,
he may or may not be saved by his poems.

21 If a man finishes a poem,
he shall bathe in the blank wake of his passion
and be kissed by white paper.

- Mark Strand

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Star Wars commercial

Over at the Yahoo Star Wars site, I found this awesome commercial!

R2D2's such a chain smoker.

Sex Toy Bomb Scare.

I swear I saw this in a movie some where.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Open Letter to Kevin McCullough

This is a rant about an article recently written by Mr. McCullough

Mr. McCullough,

Seriously? You’re joining the Video Game bashing too? Well all right, lets start with the simple fact that the average “gamer” is not a fifteen-year-old male, but a 33-year-old male, who’s been gaming for 13 years (incase you don’t want to do the math that means he started when he was 20, still not marketed towards teenagers).

Now, after that…have you even seen this “sex scene”? If not, I have a link for you right here: . No humping.

Why is the idea that you can create what you think people look like disgusting…what’s so bad about that? People look differently, yes you can create a busty “hot chick”, but you can also create the opposite. The game doesn’t revolve around sex, in fact it’s far from it, the “sex scene” (if you can even call it that) is one tiny part in an overall, massive game.

“Then there's the dishonesty behind the game' title.”

Dishonesty in the games title? The only dishonesty I see here is you trying to proclaim that this game is all about sex, or to assume that this game has any real effect on your child’s innocence (I'll get to this in a moment). Mass Effect’s connotation is a big result. If we break it down, Mass Effect’s denotation is Mass (in this case the adjective version) a large number, or general in scope or effect, then effect: a change or changed state occurring as a direct result of action by somebody or something else. So, Mass Effect is a large change caused by the action of somebody or something. It could be taken as a deadly virus, massive war, or the effect of celebrity gossip. There’s nothing dishonest in the name, that’s why you read the back to see what it’s about.

Worrying about what your kids play is good! I’m glad you take stock in what your children play, most parents don’t. It’s up to the parent to determine what their children can and cannot view.

That being said it is up to the parent to decide, not the government. Would take your fifteen-year-old to a figure drawing class with nude models? Absolutely not! Would you take that same fifteen-year-old to go see a movie like Harold and Kumar? No! So, why would you let your child play a violent video game if you, the parent, are worried about it? None of those earlier things are censored by the government, why should video games be any different? Most fifteen-year-old’s don’t have the $70 for the game, much less the $400 for the X-box 360, so the only real way your child can get access to this game with out you knowing it is either your child can save up the $70, get a ride to the mall with a friend, find a place to buy the game that wont ID him (Stores are enforcing ID more and more these days), you, the parent, are in charge. That situation is far more farfetched than, say, going to the movies with friends to see Enchanted, and then going to a screening of Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

Now really, this is far from simulated sex. I really hope that the next president wouldn’t be so blind to reality that he would attempt a bill to limit content in any media form. Implement a more strict rating system is nearly a must, or instead of the voluntary ESRB rating, make it mandatory. I would be all for that, first to sign a petition. Just so long as it’s reasonable, and not extremist garbage that wants to limit and shelter our youth rather than educate.

Next time you write an article, please do a little something called “Journalist Investigation” to see if your argument can at least stand on its own.

The scene in question:

MacBook Air

Oh man I'm geeking out. The thinnest notebook on the market.

- 1.6 GHz Standard, 1.8 GHz Option -- Intel Core 2 Duo
- 80 GB hard disk standard, 64 GB SSD as an option. "they're pricy, but they're fast"
- 1.8" Hard Drive
- Multi-touch trackpad
- display is LED backlit. iSight is built-in. MacBook-like keyboard, but with an ambient light sensor
- Magnetic latch, 13.3" widescreen display
- MacBook Air is 0.16" to 0.76". It fits inside a envelope.
- Weighs 3 lbs

Other Features:

- 802.11n + Bluetooth 2.1/EDR
- 45 Watt MagSafe, 1 USB 2.0 port, Micro-DVI, Audio Out
- 2 GB Memory standard
- 5 hours of Battery Life
- No optical drive, but a Superdrive accessory is available for $99. Also, software comes with the MacBook Air that allows you to "borrow" a Mac or PCs optical drive.
- Environmental highlights: fully aluminum case (good for recycling), first fully mercury and lead free display, circuit boards are BFR free, retail packaging are 56% less volume than MacBook.
- $1799

Editing as new info comes up.

MacBook Air Ad.

All of this is taken from the Live coverage.

EDIT: Geeking out ceased when I saw the price. $1800 for the low end, $3100 for the high end, a tad too expensive for something so stripped down. If I had the money, I think it would make a nice traveling computer, but thats what a laptop's for. But, again, if I had the money...


If you've ever owned a cat, you know this is about right. Mine used to sit on my face.

MacWorld 2008

Live coverage from

Live coverage from Gizmodo.

Live coverage from Engadget

I'm excited.

Monday, January 14, 2008

"I'm not dead"

Reminds me of something out of Monty Python. An elderly women had to tell her gas company that she wasn't dead yet.

She should get free gas until she dies...after all they don't seem to think she'll live too long.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Johnny Chung Lee

This guy is a genius. He does a bunch of work with the Wii remote...his project blog is here and a well done blog entry of his Wii work is here.

I'm too lazy to do one myself, and it wouldn't be as good. This guy is good.

Friday, January 11, 2008


"It is a blurred line that lies at the edge of Godhood and Insanity. Guess which side of it I am on.

Feeling lucky?"

I love the folks at Bungie, they're super creative :).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Piggy Bank

This is the coolest piggy bank ever. A bit morbid, but freakin awesome. Click the link, please :D.

Bad few days of news

I spent a lot of yesterday out of town, so when I came back to 200+ new RSS feeds, I wasn't too surprised. What got me is how bad some people had it.

This Dog jumped into a tiger enclosure. 50 lb lab mix vs. 225 lb Tiger Round one...FIGHT! Zoo officials scared the tigers away with fireworks and air horns, and the dog is ok, just suffering from a puncture wound in her neck.

This guy went to a brothel to find his wife working there! I wonder who gets in trouble here, the guy who's going to a brothel to cheat on his wife, or his wife who's working there.

This poor guy died from a bad case of the shits. Well, not from that directly, but...
The incident that prompted the move took place in December when a driver apparently suffering from diarrhoea leaned out of his compartment and fell on the tracks. He was hit by another train, local media reported.

Talk about your crappy luck.

This guy had been dead for over a year before anyone noticed.

And finally, last but not least, this nut cut off his own hand and microwaved it. He thought he had the "Mark of the beast". He's in protective custody.


A bunch of 300 spoofs! Part 1 and Part 2

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pushkin on truth.

"The illusion which exalts us is dearer to us than ten-thousand truthes." - Aleksandr Pushkin

My favorite "Old" poet. Expect more from him.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What the...

A town wants to ban swearing in bars, table-dancing, drinking contests and profane music in order to keep rowdy crowds under control.

Hehe, shouldn't they target other things of these bars instead? They'll never pass a bill restricting what people can say, or the music they can play in private establishments, first amendment rights and everything. But really if you're talking about crowds you should higher more cops, or if you need something to let the cops cool things down, lower the maximum occupancy limit, or enforce stricter noise ordinances and enforce/put in laws against public drunkenness. Part of the bar scene is that it isn't some place you would take your kids, if you choose to move in next to a place that's known for it's bars, you have to realize it's noisy at night.

Bridge out?

So, Russia lost a bridge.

I honestly don't know how stuff like this happens...I mean it sounds like it was a decent sized bridge, so to steal it you would need a lot of people and equipment right? Wouldn't that be noticed? Especially over night.

The best part is...this isn't the first time it's happened! Haha!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Oil Rig Disaster

What could this possibly be!?

Poor guy

Huang Chuncai looks like something out of a Sci-Fi novel, his face is covered in tumors that weigh about 22 lbs collectively.

His facial tumour first became noticeable when he was just 4 years old, the hospital said in July. Since then it grew larger at an ever faster rate, blocking his left eye, pushing his left ear to shoulder level, knocking out his teeth and deforming his backbone.

The Onion

Man Thinks He Can Save Relationship With Pancakes

Pancakes? Really?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

315 Billion Dollars

I've always wondered what 1 million dollars looked like...this site shows you what 315 billion looks like. Pretty cool.

Pluto Tells All!

Ok ok, so I'm developing a thing for John Scalzi. He's good, not my fault. He has a few typo errors and such, but hey, I find typos everywhere, I say just blame his editor.

So here's his short story "Pluto Tells All". To be honest, I have Phil Collins issues too. He's a good drummer but using that as an excuse for being a good musician is like saying Bush makes me laugh so he's a good president.

Scrubs Charlie Brown

I'm sure this has been around the internet and back by now, but I don't care. The cast of scrubs did a parody of Charlie Brown's Christmas, and it's pretty funny. I wanted more of the Janitor though.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


This is so cool. Apparently this house was scheduled for destruction so two artists made it implode.

Click here to see more pictures.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Android's Dream

Very rarely does a book come along that I can’t put it down. Even more rare is when that phrase goes from a figure of speech to a literal obsession. John Scalzi's The Android’s Dream is latest of these books, extremely well written, funny as hell, and has quite the amazing story line.

The story is more or less Austin Powers meets The Fifth Element, an interesting, easy to read spy novel. The first chapter sets up the tone, starting with the first paragraph. "Dirk miller didn't know if he could fart his way into an international diplomatic incident. But he was ready to find out." The rest of the chapter follows an Earth diplomat who has a really intense grudge on an alien species whose caste system is sort of like feudal Japan on crack. These aliens have a heightened sense of smell, and the elite who run everything have a complicated “scent speech”. Remember that. What follows is probably the longest fart joke in the history of literature. I was in a fairly packed coffee house when I read this chapter…I think everyone there thought I was nuts I was laughing so hard.

The rest of the story follows Harry Creek, a simple State Department worker whose job is to deliver bad news, which gets him the nickname “The Angel of Death”. He gets asked to help the State Department find a sheep named Android’s Dream, genetically engineered to have electric blue wool. I grinned when I read the line “The name has some literary significance”. Basically, the sheep is needed to stop earth becoming a colony, and the reasons and methods would ruin the humor if I explained it here.

So Creek puts the finishing touches on a super A.I. he had been working on for two years and with its help he finds Robin Baker, a cute, scatter brained pet storeowner who’s central to the search for the sheep for the same reasons and methods mentioned above. They are soon tracked by a host of killers, evil, not so evil, and what would be completely harmless minus the fact that he’s an alien in our equivalent of puberty. Also on their tale is a religious group, the Church of the Evolved lamb, founded by a hack-science fiction writer who was being toyed with by the richest woman in the world. This church is far from serious and some of the members are aptly called “Ironists”. I could explain but it’s better to read it.

This book is fantastically entertaining, I have a few quips here and there, but it’s hardly enough to put a dent in this book. Scalzi is a genius with his humor and plot twists, I seriously envy him.

If you’re in the mood for a great funny novel that really will make you laugh out loud, pick up The Android’s Dream.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cloverfield reminiscent of 9/11?

Ok, a quick disclaimer, I think 9/11 was a horrible horrible thing. My uncle is a pilot and it scared the crap out of me, and the firefighters and other rescuers are bionafied heros.

This being said, this is ridiculous.

Apparently this image reminds 'people' of 9/11.

Now, I can kinda see a resemblance with the smoke, but other than that, I see a GASH in the statue of liberty, the wake from something big in the water that leads to a path hacked through NYC. There are no planes. There are no terrorists. There's just one big monster (and a bunch of little ones, but that's beside the point).

If you want a movie capitalizing on 9/11, take a look at The Kingdom, or another movie where we go after terrorists as a response to terrorist attacks.


The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4.Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result as a comment in this post. Also, pass it along in your own blog or journal because it's more amusing that way.

Here's mine

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year

Happy New Year everyone!