Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bad few days of news

I spent a lot of yesterday out of town, so when I came back to 200+ new RSS feeds, I wasn't too surprised. What got me is how bad some people had it.

This Dog jumped into a tiger enclosure. 50 lb lab mix vs. 225 lb Tiger Round one...FIGHT! Zoo officials scared the tigers away with fireworks and air horns, and the dog is ok, just suffering from a puncture wound in her neck.

This guy went to a brothel to find his wife working there! I wonder who gets in trouble here, the guy who's going to a brothel to cheat on his wife, or his wife who's working there.

This poor guy died from a bad case of the shits. Well, not from that directly, but...
The incident that prompted the move took place in December when a driver apparently suffering from diarrhoea leaned out of his compartment and fell on the tracks. He was hit by another train, local media reported.

Talk about your crappy luck.

This guy had been dead for over a year before anyone noticed.

And finally, last but not least, this nut cut off his own hand and microwaved it. He thought he had the "Mark of the beast". He's in protective custody.

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Anonymous said...

Something to brighten you up after those other things.